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About Us
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Experience Summary

Bill McCleave


Experienced Talent Focused on Solutions to Your Business Problems

As a young executive immersed  in "big-business bureaucracy and corporate dementia”, Bill McCleave experienced the costly effects of indecision, inefficiency, and excessive overhead. Years later as he developed his own business vision, Bill incorporated these valuable lessons-learned to create a customer focused consultancy that delivers genuine value to clients at a reasonable cost.

Connected to a Virtual Network of Committed Professionals

Our professional reputation is always on the line with each new project or assignment. Our clients expect and receive the highest level of innovation, energy and expertise every time. To ensure consistent quality and performance within our scope of services, we’ve carefully cultivated a virtual network of professionals that share our high standards and complement our own skills. Together, we are confident that a project accepted by WR McCleave & Associates will always produce a satisfied client . . . or we will correct the problem.

 At WR McCleave & Associates . . . . Satisfaction is Guaranteed!



Please contact WR McCleave & Associates at 704-232-6858 with your Supply Chain Consulting or Business Performance Analysis needs or email us via:

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