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The History Of The Automobile  -  Part 1

In this exciting and entertaining program, Dr. Bill McCleave takes audiences back through the tracks of time for a nostalgic ride in that favorite American mechanism: the automobile.
Since its invention and over 100 years of innovation, the automobile has impacted every facet of American life and women have played a vital part in the journey. The path from motorized carriages to the high speed cars of today has been packed with fun, adventure and mystery. Most Americans have a long standing love affair with their cars, but few know the real story of how their rides came into being and how auto pioneers like Alice Ramsey made travel more convenient, safer and faster.
Dr. Bill, who is a 45-year collector and historian of antique vehicles, tells the fun story of the early automobile and its pathway to the time of the muscle car. Stories and pictures of alphabet cars, famous people cars, geographic cars, stupid cars and cars that went everywhere make audiences laugh and learn about the wheels that brought us to today. 
Don't miss this opportunity for a delightful return to yesteryear!


Session Length 45 min to 75 min

Who Can Benefit Most From This Session?

General Audiences, Spouse and Family Programs, Closing Programs



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