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The Four Essentials Of Distribution Strategy . . .
Ideas To Boost Your Business Performance Today

Distributors and their suppliers wrestle with a constantly changing world of big challenges and promising opportunities. However, simply reacting to the daily firestorms is no longer an acceptable strategy for most distributors. An effective offensive strategy begins with separating vital business signals from background noise and follows with selecting and implementing a successful action plan. Yet, many distributors struggle with these concepts, and the task of thinking about the future often seems daunting. Many past efforts have led to confusion through complexity.

Over ten years of extensive field research with hundreds of distributors has produced a simpler method for distributors to think about and shape their future. If you plan to operate in the distribution industry now or in the future, you donít want to miss this revealing experience delivered by Dr. Bill McCleave, internationally recognized distribution expert.

This 2-4 hr seminar is packed with useful information such as:

  • The four essential elements of distribution strategy

  • Thinking systematically before acting chaotically

  • Redefining the meaning of distribution

  • Acting harmoniously with suppliers

  • Sending the right message to customers

  • Getting the real job done

  • Proving that you mean what you say

Who Can Benefit Most From This Program:

Owners and senior level management, sales and marketing executives, manufacturer executives

Those Who May Also Profit From This Program:

Branch managers, sales managers, managers-in-training


To schedule this seminar, please call WR McCleave & Associates at 704-232-6858 or email us via:

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