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Assessing Your Future Marketing Potential: Six Steps to Future Opportunity

For any distribution business serving the present economy, things are challenging but not necessarily impossible. If we reflect on what the distribution business is all about, there are opportunities to prosper in the future. There will be vibrant markets emerging, with real customers with real needs. If distributors can discover those needs and provide solid solutions, they have a bright future.

In assessing the future market potential for your company, you’ll need solid analysis in six critical business areas and an action plan to leverage your competitive advantage. The opportunities in the future will come to those firms who understand emerging markets and can clearly articulate their value to these markets.

After more than twenty years of primary research and consulting in the distribution industry, Dr. William R. McCleave has developed an assessment model that enables distributors to make the crucial decisions to prepare for the future. The model is currently in use in several distribution sectors and is an essential tool for distributors who want to shape their own destinies rather than relying on chance.

This 90-minute seminar provides attendees with an analysis and planning template which will lead them in plotting a better course for the future. If you are uncertain about the current economy or want to jumpstart your action plan for tomorrow, this program will provide the blueprint for success.

Who Can Benefit Most From This Program:

Owners and senior level management, sales and marketing executives, manufacturer executives, branch managers, sales managers, managers-in-training

To schedule this seminar, please call WR McCleave & Associates at 704-232-6858 or email us via:

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