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Putting Wisdom To Work .   .   .
                                 Moving From Market Challenges to the Results You Want !

Unprecedented changes in distribution marketplaces have created both vast opportunities and confusion among many channel members. Based on nineteen years of research and consulting in the Distribution Industry, Dr. William McCleave has assembled crucial, no-nonsense answers to the big questions channel members are asking about Distribution Profitability and their future. His combined years of research and writing about the distribution industry are transformed into a high impact seminar directed toward channel leaders who want to take control of their future through improving their market position.  

Dr. McCleave delivers the difference through sharing new valuable insights from recent Distribution Industry primary research and he will challenge all of us to create competitive advantage through using key information that is available in our businesses today.  

Highlights of this program include:

  • What you already know that can help or hurt you.

  • The future importance of size and value content on Distributor Profitability.

  • Which types of distributors will manufacturers and customers turn to in the future?

  • The importance of service content now and in the future.

  • The “value add” myth and the strategic sweet spot for distributors.

  • Strategic Wisdom from experts you know that you can take to the bank.

Who Can Benefit Most From This Program:

Owners and senior level management, sales and marketing executives, manufacturer executives

Those Who May Also Profit From This Program:

Branch managers, sales managers, managers-in-training


To schedule this seminar, please call WR McCleave & Associates at 704-232-6858 or email us via:

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