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Moving From Vendor to Critical Supplier

The global competitiveness of business in the 21st century ensures that industrial supply chains will continue feeling the pressure to improve overall efficiencies and reduce total costs. Distributors that intend to survive and prosper in this environment must develop a customer specific value proposition consisting of critical supplier knowledge, product and service offerings, and delivery capabilities. Is your "Critical Supplier" platform ready? Dr. Bill McCleave, an internationally recognized distribution expert and entertaining speaker, will explain the process to assess distributors' readiness and develop their business specific platform. If you need to boost your value or functional role in the supply chain, you don't want to miss this timely and revealing seminar!

This seminar includes these topics of particular interest:

  • Developing your value proposition

  • Assessing the critical needs of your customers versus your capabilities

  • Preparing your menu of services

  • Providing product plus value

  • Reporting your results and finding new opportunities

During this thought-provoking session, you will learn how to:

  • Differentiate your company from the competition

  • Sell more than products in the 21st century

  • Categorize and value your current services

  • Expand your services offering

Who Can Benefit Most From This Program:

Owners and senior level management, sales and marketing executives, manufacturer executives, salespeople and manufacturer representatives

Those Who May Also Profit From This Program:

Branch managers, sales managers, managers-in-training


To schedule this seminar, please call WR McCleave & Associates at 704-232-6858 or email us via:

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