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The Quest For Human Talent  .   .   .  Is Your Business Ready To Compete?

By all accounts, the distribution business is a people business. From relationships with customers to product application and order fulfillment, people are the engines that make distribution move. But the results of two recent industry studies indicate that all is not well on the people front. There are challenges today with more difficult ones to follow for those that are not prepared.

Dr. Bill McCleave conducted both recent studies and will share valuable insight into the significance of The Quest for Human Talent and how this fits in the overall outlook for distribution companies. He will explore the roadblocks and successes companies are discovering as they staff for the future and will provide solid insight into what you can do to create competitive advantage with your human talent pool.

Highlights of this program include:

  • The challenges manufacturers, distributors and reps face in finding and keeping great people

  • Why people leave distribution companies

  • What keeps people working for distribution industry firms

  • What are the best sources for finding talent

  • Best practices from industry peers

  • What you can do to move ahead

This 90 minute to 2 hour program is well suited for general convention audiences and is an excellent workshop session when combined with round table discussion groups.


To schedule this seminar, please call WR McCleave & Associates at 704-232-6858 or email us via:

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