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W.R. McCleave & Associates Provides Value Measures That Help Your Business Prosper:


Expert knowledge & objective problem solving produce a powerful return on our clients' consulting investment: We help businesses evaluate and leverage their industrial supply channel relationships to reduce procurement and material ownership costs, eliminate redundant operations and increase production throughput. Equipped with advanced education and hands-on distribution operations experience, our principals are well qualified to guide clients through their strategic and business performance problems. Since we are free of the day-to-day operational "noise" that faces all business managers, we can focus on solving supply chain management problems quickly and effectively. top of page

High impact presentations & facilitation of executive planning sessions produce lasting impressions and tangible results : We are constantly researching and developing fresh and objective input on the current and future issues impacting industrial supply chains. We analyze and interpret input gathered from our network of supply chain leaders and client contacts in industry, the academic community and trade associations to create workshops and seminars that both inform and offer direction to attendees. Our breadth of industry experience coupled with well-honed facilitation skills combine to offer business leaders a valuable tool for planning sessions and group problem solving efforts. top of page

Experienced management & employee coaching skills provide clients a focused resource for interim leadership or other specialized training needs: Our principals have more than 40 years of combined leadership and management experience in addressing both strategic and tactical business challenges. We have faced, struggled with and solved many of the same issues that impact our clients daily. This hands-on understanding of business and supply chain dynamics, seasoned through experience with many different types and sizes of companies, provides our clients with a uniquely qualified set of skills that deliver cost effective results. top of page

Specialized research & analysis provide the information and implications that can impact your business: The incessant and rapid changes affecting industrial supply chains amplifies the need for businesses to stay flexible and forward-thinking in their plans and daily operations. Whether the topic is strategic alliances, e-commerce, integrated supply, activity based management, supplier consolidation or any number of other "hot-potato" issues, businesses need accurate information and interpretation on which to base their decisions. We provide both independent industry research as well as primary market research on a broad range of supply chain issues that could help your business make better plans and decisions. We are also experienced in helping distributors analyze and improve their business performance using proven techniques such as activity based management. top of page

Our proven track record of satisfied clients underscores an assurance that we will meet or exceed your expectations . . . Guaranteed: We stand on our reputation and our high level of client satisfaction. When we see your need is outside the scope of our expertise, we will tell you so . . . up front and try to direct you to the right resource. Since 1990 we've delivered professional consulting, speaking, writing, training, research and analysis services to a broad range of clients. Our clients vary in size and geographic concentration from non-profit industry trade associations, and the academic community to domestic, privately owned distribution companies to global Fortune 500 manufacturers. They produce or supply products and services from discreet manufacturing (electrical, industrial, power transmission, fluid power, safety, bearings, machine tools, automotive, etc.), health care (medical supplies), building supplies (plumbing, electrical, kitchen & bath, hardware, etc.), process/chemical industry, and utilities.

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