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Seminars aimed at busy distribution leaders who need a winning business strategy and action-oriented results!

8 Steps Back from the Iceberg

Distribution executives have never faced as turbulent and unpredictable market conditions as we have in the current economy. In a completely new program, Dr. Bill McCleave offers valuable insight into new leadership and management skills required in a bad economy and provides solid guidance for distributors who want to get better results than their rivals in a rapidly changing market environment.  Turbulence requires leaders who are informed and willing to act.  This program provides solid information and a strong catalyst for action. 

The History Of The Automobile  -  Part 1

Most Americans have a long standing love affair with their cars but few know the real story of how their "rides" came into being In this exciting and entertaining program, Dr. Bill McCleave, takes audiences back through the tracks of time for a nostalgic ride in that favorite American mechanism-the Automobile.  Dr. Bill, who is a 45 year collector and historian of antique vehicles, tells the fun story of the early automobile and its pathway to the time of the muscle car.

Putting Wisdom to Work

Unprecedented changes in distribution marketplaces have created both vast opportunities and confusion among many channel members. Based on nineteen years of research and consulting in the Distribution Industry, Dr. Bill McCleave has assembled crucial, no-nonsense answers to the big questions channel members are asking about Distribution Profitability and their future. 

The Quest For Human Talent  .   .   .  Is Your Business Ready To Compete?

By all accounts the distribution business is a people business. From relationships with customers to product application and order fulfillment, people are the engines that make distribution move. But the results of two recent industry studies indicate that all is not well on the people front. There are challenges today with more difficult ones to follow for those that are not prepared.  This program explores the roadblocks and successes companies are discovering as they staff for the future and will provide solid insight into what you can do to create competitive advantage with your HR talent pool.

Are Small, Specialty and Emerging Suppliers Relevant To Industrial Customers?

In today’s mega supply chain world, smaller suppliers are sometimes overlooked as key providers of vital supplies and services to the industrial marketplace. Many savvy customers and suppliers have looked beyond size and have built sustainable relationships based on the extended value contributions of smaller suppliers.  In this revealing panel discussion facilitated by Dr. Bill McCleave, industry experts will explore questions on what smaller suppliers and their customers are doing to make their relationships mutually more profitable.

Call 704-232-6858 or email us at to schedule any of these revealing seminars and discover how to play the game more successfully.


Does Your Value Proposition Need A Tune-up?

How are your margins holding up? Is your selling strategy producing the results you expect? Are your key customers and suppliers questioning the relevance of your role in the supply chain? These are only a few of the hard-hitting questions distributors are struggling with in the 21st century. 

And the answer is . . . Unfortunately there isn't one easy answer to position your business for guaranteed success. However, one thing is certain; distributors that clearly understand, communicate and sell their unique value proposition to their supply chain partners will have a better chance at long-term success than those who don't.

We have developed a seven-step process to help distributors understand and validate their value proposition.


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