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Distributor Value
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Does Your Value Proposition Need A Tune-up?

The market upheavals that began during the 1990ís and continued into the 21st century have painfully reinforced the critical need for many businesses to transform their traditional product driven sales and market focus into a more customer-focused strategy. At a recent industry conference Dr. Bill McCleave, President of W.R. McCleave & Associates, predicted that "sooner than later, simply fulfilling a traditional supply channel role may not be enough for most distributors to prosper. They must strive to differentiate and market their unique value proposition to customers and suppliers by clearly identifying and communicating their extended value contributions".

In response to this broad need, we have developed a seven-step process (graphically depicted below) to help distributors understand and validate their value proposition through their customers' eyes. The promised payoff is not only market survival but also success in building high-perceived value that justifies a price premium for distributor products and services.


click on any of the 7 steps below to find out more about enhancing your value to customers 



Customer Needs
Distributor Offering
Costs & Prices
Selling Value
Delivering Value
Measuring Value
Finding New Value


Please contact WR McCleave & Associates at 704-232-6858 for assistance in validating your unique value or email us via:

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