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Step 1: Discover What Your Customers Value

In order to quantify and deliver superior value to customers on an ongoing basis, distributors first must have a clear understanding of what their customers need and value. Although this step of  clarifying customer needs and expectations may seem elementary and obvious, many distributors have simply assumed that customer needs match what distributors offer without further investigation. If this scenario accurately describes your current situation, then perhaps you should consider targeting, segmenting and analyzing sample sets of customers to understand, prioritize and relate their unique requirements and expectations.

Ideally you should develop a customer requirements checklist that describes and groups their needs/expectations into logical categories that relate to their operation. The following diagram illustrates seven possible categories of distributor value offerings that can positively impact a customer's revenues, expenses, or asset ownership costs. 



We can guide you through the process of segmenting your markets as well as developing and conducting a meaningful customer value survey and needs analysis. Please call us today at 704-232-6858.


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