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Step 5: Deliver Your Value Contributions

After securing the customer's "buy-in" of your value proposition, you are ready for perhaps the most important stage of your critical supplier quest -- implementing your value proposition! This is where the real proof of distributor value is either confirmed or dispelled. However, this may be the most difficult step to provide specific guidance on how to be successful. Every distributor's success is closely tied to the quality and durability of their value contribution performance, but we will point out several considerations that can help tip the scales in your favor.

One of the most important considerations is customer communications. Since a fundamental goal of your value-based strategy is to build a customized relationship with high-value customers around your unique product/service package, it is crucial to regularly involve the customer in your implementation progress. Use the following checklist for additional considerations on preparing your personnel to deliver your value proposition.

Implementation Ideas & Considerations


1.  Maintain regular communications with your customers
  • Perform on-site visits to monitor customer satisfaction, find new opportunities
  • Keep key contacts informed on distributor value activities - written & visual
  • Find and correct any problems -- quickly


2.  Document/accumulate/share costs & customer savings from value contributions


3.  Review/assess/improve value service performance via process analysis


4.  Monitor/report on-time performance and work quality


5.  Develop high level of customer confidence and mutual dependence 


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