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Distributor Offering






Customer Needs
Distributor Offering
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Selling Value
Delivering Value
Measuring Value
Finding New Value

Step 2: Align Customer Needs with Distributor Capabilities/Offerings

Once a distributor understands what its customers expect and value, it can assess and organize the specific internal processes, capabilities, and infrastructure required to fulfill those requirements. One possible approach is to:

  • Identify and group the customer supplied needs into categories of deliverable value offerings.

  • Compare and assess the importance of each potential value offering using the company's internal strategic measures versus the external value feedback from its customers (by key market segment).

  • Evaluate whether the distributor's internal sales, support and delivery processes are capable of providing the desired value offerings.
  • Develop a final menu of distributor value offerings based on the above evaluation process.
  • Classify each value offering according to its perceived customer importance as Basic or Extended Value.

The outcome of this step is a defined set of deliverable value offerings that are strategically important to distributors and their key market segments.  

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