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Here are a few recent comments about Dr. McCleave from several of our valued clients:

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"Bill has been an invaluable resource to our [Association] members and staff for over 10 years."

His assistance in evaluating and creating new programs, and his ability to bring resources from his years of experience in industrial distribution, have helped the Association earn continually-improving meeting program ratings. He has facilitated action-oriented strategic planning sessions, developed and delivered channel-specific research, and he continues to guide the Association to ensure its validity to the industry it serves. With volunteer leaders coming and going each year, Bill’s guidance has been integral in keeping the Association focused on its overall strategic mission."
            - Kathleen A. Demarco - Executive Director, Fluid Power Distributors Association

"[Bill passes] the true test of a consultant’s effectiveness . . . when your distributors as well as your own staff repeatedly request that [he] be part of our next program."

I have known Bill McCleave for 20 plus years, initially as a participant in many of his workshops and seminars held at various distributor trade association meetings. In subsequent years, Bill has become a valued component of distribution training programs at Loctite Industrial Group. Bill is not your typical consultant who delivers a canned presentation. He regularly takes the time to understand our business issues and goals. He develops customized programs such as "How Distributors Make or Lose Money" and "Understanding the Distributor/ Manufacturer Business Relationship". He has developed individualized cases studies for meeting breakout sessions which teamed distributors up with our sales and marketing people to help increase their knowledge of distribution.
            - Kevin Boyle - Vice President Channel Management & Distribution, Loctite Industrial Group

"Bill McCleave can translate real-world experiences into "take-home" results for his clients and audiences of [hands-on], no-nonsense practitioners."

"[Under my watch] Dr. McCleave has presented over 15 professional programs to [more than] 4,000 industry executives and managers, and he ranks as one of the best instructors delivering meaningful information in a quality manner."
- Dr. Jay A. Smith, Jr., Alabama Eminent Scholar of Industrial Distribution and holder of the Ben S. Weil Endowed Chair, University of Alabama Birmingham

"When I know that I have to deliver to my members insightful, industry specific content that is well-delivered, with intelligence, wit and humor, I turn to Bill McCleave."

"Bill knows his stuff, is always well prepared and understands the needs and distinct demands of industrial supply distributors and manufacturers."
- Joe Thompson, Executive Director, National Association of Hose and Accessories Distributors and Independent Sealing Distributors Association

Please contact WR McCleave & Associates at 704-232-6858 or email us via: bmccleave@aol.com

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